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Focus on the Environment E-Newsletter

Cox-Colvin & Associates, Inc. launched the first issue of our e-newsletter titled Focus on the Environment in July 2010. The e-newsletter is an outgrowth of our previous RCRA Corrective Action Newsletter, Toxicology and Risk Newsletter, and Green and Sustainable Remediation Bulletin, and combines all three subjects (and more) into one monthly e-newsletter. The goal of our Focus on the Environment e-newsletter is to provide useful, up-to-date environmental news and analysis – News You Can Use.

Previous issues of Cox-Colvin’s Focus on the Environment e-newsletters can be accessed by clicking the links below. Topics discussed within each newsletter are listed below the appropriate month. To sign up to receive our monthly newsletter via email, please complete the form in the sidebar of this page.

February 2018

  • Vapor Intrusion Fundamentals 40 – The Four Horsemen: Benzene, Chloroform, Napthalene, and Trichloroethene
  • FY 2017 EPA Enforcement Results Show Drop in EPA Inspections
  • What happens when Laboratory Holding Times are Exceeded for TCLP Sample?
  • Electronic Submission of Supplementary Annual Groundwater Reports to the Ohio EPA
  • Michigan Publishes Incremental Sampling Guidance
  • Update on Waters of the United States Rulemaking
  • Ohio EPA Considers Changes to Rules for Industrial Solid Waste and Residual Solid Waste Landfills
  • Project Spotlight: Brine Disposal Well Network Evaluation

January 2018

  • VI Fundamentals Henry’s Constant
  • What happens when Laboratory Reporting Limits Exceed TCLP Regulatory Standards?
  • U.S. House Approves Renewal of Brownfield Funding
  • EPA Identifies Rulemaking Priorities
  • EPA Updates Regional Screening Levels
  • Project Spotlight: PCB Remediation in Soil at Operating Manufacturing Facility

December 2017

  • State Agencies Weigh in on FY 2018-2022 EPA Draft Strategic Plan
  • Ohio EPA Adopts Ohio-Specific Universal Waste Rules
  • Vapor Intrusion Fundamentals 38 – Mercury Vapors
  • EPA Releases List of 21 Superfund Sites Targeted for Immediate, Intense Action
  • ITRC Publishes Fractured Rock and Bioavailability Guidance
  • Project Spotlight: Alternate Source Demonstration for Arsenic Groundwater

November 2017

  • Your Well May be Gone, But it is Never Forgotten – Ohio EPA’s Push to Abandon Unused Monitor Wells
  • Are Lead Scavengers the “Next TCE” for Vapor Intrusion (VI)?
  • EPA’s Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework (LEAF) Included as Part of SW-846 Update
  • Endophyte Treated Poplar Trees Successfully Field Tested in the Cleanup of TCE Plume
  •  Zane Cox, ASP Promoted to Project Scientist
  • Andrew Furst Promoted to Staff Scientist
  • Project Spotlight: Pre-Demolition Vapor Intrusion Assessment in Western Ohio

October 2017

  • Draft EPA Long-Term Strategic Goals Released for Public Review and Comment
  • Vapor Intrusion Fundamentals 37
  • Update on Waters of the United States Rulemaking
  • Streamlining Permitted and Reducing Regulatory Burdens for Domestic Manufacturing
  • Ohio EPA’s Early Stakeholder Outreach – Conditional Exemption for Laundered Hazardous Waste Textiles
  • Laurie A. Chilcote elected to the Board of Directors of AARST
  • Nate Wanner, CPG promoted to Senior Scientist

September 2017

  • Ohio EPA Preparing to Send Letters Requesting TCE Vapor Intrusion Investigations
  • Ohio EPA Proposes New Hazardous Universal Wastes
  • Vapor Intrusion Fundamentals: Part 36 – Odors
  • New Ohio UST Rules Effective September 1, 2017
  • Plans to Consolidate Asbestos Oversight under Ohio EPA
  • Vapor Intrusion Training Opportunity
  • Project Spotlight: Air Permitting of a Unique Recycling Process