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Focus on the Environment E-Newsletter

Cox-Colvin & Associates, Inc. launched the first issue of our e-newsletter titled Focus on the Environment in July 2010. The e-newsletter is an outgrowth of our previous RCRA Corrective Action Newsletter, Toxicology and Risk Newsletter, and Green and Sustainable Remediation Bulletin, and combines all three subjects (and more) into one monthly e-newsletter. The goal of our Focus on the Environment e-newsletter is to provide useful, up-to-date environmental news and analysis – News You Can Use.

Previous issues of Cox-Colvin’s Focus on the Environment e-newsletters can be accessed by clicking the links below. Topics discussed within each newsletter are listed below the appropriate month. To sign up to receive our monthly newsletter via email, please complete the form in the sidebar of this page.

September 2018

  • EPA Signals Clear Change Away from Enforcement and Toward Compliance
  • Handy Ohio & Federal Hazardous Waste Rules (RCRA) Regulations Cross-Reference
  • Vapor Intrusion Fundamentals 43 – EPA’s VI Attenuation Database
  • Ohio Abandoned Gas Stations Program Grant Updates
  • Vapor Intrusion Opportunity
  • Project Spotlight: Time Critical Removal Action – Abandoned Plating Operation

July 2018

  • Andrew Wheeler Named Acting EPA Administrator – Risk Communication to be his Top Priority
  • OIG Investigates Self Insurance for Companies with Multiple Environmental Liabilities
  • Vapor Intrusion Fundamentals 42 – Subslab Soil-Gas Sampling
  • Cooperative Federalism from the Perspective of State Environmental Agencies
  • Project Spotlight: Industrial Facility – Treatment Media – Unexpected Characteristic Hazardous Waste Determination

May 2018

  • EPA’s Brownfield Program Gets Much Needed Funds and Changes
  • US Attorney General Prohibits Use of Guidance Documents as De Facto Rules and Regulations
  • EPA Revises Johnson & Ettinger Model for Vapor Intrusion
  • Implementing the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rules – Hazardous Waste Determinations
  • May 2018 Regional Screening Level Update
  • Update Regarding Waters of United States Rulemaking
  • Project Spotlight: RCRA Closure of Coal Tar Decanter Sludge (K087) Mixing Area

April 2018

  • EPA Updates Vapor Intrusion Screening Level Calculator
  • Implementing the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rules – State Adoption
  • Ohio Identifies Impaired State Waters and Priorities
  • E-Manifests System Launch Date Scheduled for June 30, 2018
  • Project Spotlight:  Differentiating Background from Vapor Intrusion

March 2018

  • Vapor Intrusion Fundamentals 41 – Short-Listing
  • Background Concentrations of Arsenic in Ohio Soils
  • CWA Coverage of Discharges of Pollutants via Direct Hydrogeologic Connection to Surface Water
  • January 2018 Supreme Court Decision Regarding Waters of the United States
  • ANSI/AARST’s 2018 Soil Gas Control Standard for New Buildings
  • Project Spotlight: RFI and CMS at Commercial TSDF

February 2018

  • Vapor Intrusion Fundamentals 40 – The Four Horsemen: Benzene, Chloroform, Napthalene, and Trichloroethene
  • FY 2017 EPA Enforcement Results Show Drop in EPA Inspections
  • What happens when Laboratory Holding Times are Exceeded for TCLP Sample?
  • Electronic Submission of Supplementary Annual Groundwater Reports to the Ohio EPA
  • Michigan Publishes Incremental Sampling Guidance
  • Update on Waters of the United States Rulemaking
  • Ohio EPA Considers Changes to Rules for Industrial Solid Waste and Residual Solid Waste Landfills
  • Project Spotlight: Brine Disposal Well Network Evaluation